About Us


Hey y'all! My name is Becca and I'm your sarcastic fun loving Southern Mess!

I'm a mom of 2, fur mom of 4 (7 if we're counting my reptiles...), and wife to an amazing hubs that spoils me rotten and supports my dreams.

A few years back I got super bored as a stay at home mom and decided I wanted to let my creative juices flow... it didn't end well! It was a legitimate hot ass mess. But that hot mess slowly grew into something I could be proud of and something that made me insanely happy... even if it didn't really make me any money.

Pretty sure I've spent more than I made every year I've been in 'business'... but oh well therapy is never cheap right?

I started out doing embroidery...which was fun but didn't last long. Then I moved on to sublimation tees, tumblers, flags, pillows...basically anything and everything I could possibly put designs on.

(Hopefully sublimation items will be added to the site soon but for now if you're interested in any of them you can find them on my Facebook Page)

I adore making tees, especially bleached ones!

But somewhere along the way I found my way to stickers... I honestly think it started because I didn't want to keep spending money on stickers for my packaging so I decided 'I can do that' and bought all the stuff I'd need. Cuz ya know... that was way cheaper than just buying them...right?

And as they say the rest is history!

I still sell tees and tumblers and everything in between... but stickers have become my thing!

Now on any given day you'll find me in my shop, glass of wine in hand singing loudly and probably off key (sorry to the neighbors and UPS guy that walks by the window regularly to see me dancing like an idiot) while creating all the things!

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(Fair warning... my Tiktok is not all business... I let my crazy out over there!)